• ODD YEAR 2018

    ODD YEAR 2018 APRIL 5,6,7 WHERE - Rolling hills of North West Pa. At Tim Cindy Denial's place. 8147 Wattsburg Waterford rd Union City Pa. 30 3d...

    14 198

    Started by Tim Denial

  • PBS’ers new endeavor

    Guys, there is a new podcast out, The Stickbow Chronicles. This is not a PBS exclusive podcast per say, but it is heavily pro PBS, obviously. This...

    20 287

    Started by Ethan Rodrigue

  • Your Bowels are Locked

    I just finished reading the current PBS magazine and I am a little frustrated that Gene Wensel gave away all our doctor secrets! Gene, it took years...

    0 36

    Started by Steve Leffler

  • 2018 Trail Cam Pics

    Anyone have animal pictures from cameras set up now that they're willing to share ? I got this pic from camera set up 30 yds in the woods from my...

    9 312

    Started by Joe Vaudrey

  • Blacks fork elk hunt

    OK guys less then a month And we will be chasing elk let’s get a headcount who is coming? craig Burris

    40 419

    Started by Craig Burris

  • Thank You Notes

    All, I personally wrote handwritten thank you notes to all donors to the Friday and Saturday Night Auctions. Some came back due to incorrect...

    0 46

    Started by Matt Schuster

  • Trad Gang auction...?

    I know it is still early but after reading Tom's report in the magazine I will clean out a shed and closet full of Bowhunting "treasure"...

    1 91

    Started by John Sanderlin III

  • 2018 PBS Brothers, Elk Hunt. Tag Team Effort.

    Facebook tends to be the easy way out and gets all the attention lately and I've been a bit sluggish on posting on this site. I thought it...

    15 318

    Started by Duane Krones

  • New Members at ETAR

    I watched from our booth a steady stream of new members being signed up all weekend. Thanks Tim for taking the lead and getting it all set up and...

    23 307

    Started by David Balowski

  • One Photo a Day

    Kevin Dill started this post one photo a day,now that I can post a pic. I have restarted it here. Kevin Great post. have thoroughly enjoyed it....

    226 2,692

    Started by Tim Denial

  • Illinois Deer Feeding Proposal Bill

    Years ago and at the onset of CWD Illinois made it illegal to feed deer. The governor is sitting on a bill that would change the law and allow deer...

    2 118

    Started by TR

  • Namibia bowhunt

    i’m on day 3 of a 7 day hunt with Gert Coetzee of UIB outfitters in Namibia. This is the hunt that Gert kindly donates to each of the Pbs...

    36 490

    Started by John Vargo

  • Crossbow Manufactor calls it like it is!

    I was sitting in the Doctors office today and started reading an American Rifle Magazine. I just happened to notice this ad. Even this crossbow...

    10 338

    Started by Matt Steed

  • midwest taxidermist needed!

    I need to find a taxidermist in the midwest (close to Iowa) who does good work and has experience mounting African animals. I want to do a shoulder...

    6 112

    Started by John Vargo

  • i just shook my head!

    i have never been one to jump on a stump like Foghorn Leghorn and preach " let me tell you boys ...." when it came to the choices my...

    12 290

    Started by joey buchanan

  • An Idaho Stickbow Bear Hunt

    Rob Patuto, his son Elijah and I had a great time this spring here in Idaho bear hunting. The weather was cold for June.

    38 300

    Started by Jesse Minish

  • First November Rut Hunt Planning

    I know it sounds crazy but growing up and hunting in Mississippi and Alabama, I have never hunted a November rut. In northern Mississippi our rut...

    7 158

    Started by jwzimmer

  • Brian Dills Moose 2017

    Brian's story of his 2017 moose hunt is on Bowsite. Great read!

    3 159

    Started by clark schneider

  • PBS/Selway quiver

    My friend Drew at Selway archery made this quiver for me. He also donated one to us

    14 268

    Started by Rob Patuto

  • 2018 Blacks Fork Elk Hunt

    I will be doing a elk hunt again in Utah , going to try and keep it around 10 pepole this is a any elk hunt u can...

    39 833

    Started by Craig Burris

  • ETAR

    Anyone willing to help out at the PBS booth at ETAR this year please message me. This is for July 26th thru 29th.

    3 75

    Started by Tim Denial

  • Colorado Mule Deer

    Hello, I'm new here and was hoping to get some tips. I was fortunate enough to draw a Colorado Archery mule deer tag, but I've never hunted mule...

    12 207

    Started by RMartin

  • "Presidents' Messages"

    I for one want to express my solid support for the recent efforts by the PBS Council regarding legislation that affects hunting rights in OR and CA. ...

    5 198

    Started by John Scheels

  • The Moose's are calling!

    It's on me heavy, yearning to go back. Wife said she needs a skull mount in vaulted ceiling...I do what i am told!! advice /suggestions/hunt...

    7 277

    Started by joey buchanan

  • First Turkey with bow...or ever for that matter...

    Hi all. I tagged my first turkey this year. I found a good looking spot on some public land south of Minneapolis during deer season that was pretty...

    20 178

    Started by BRIVARD

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