• Site Format

    I really appreciate all the work that goes into setting up the site and thought the new look was great with the first make over I've been out of...

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    Started by Melvin Gregoire

  • One Photo a Day

    Kevin Dill started this post one photo a day,now that I can post a pic. I have restarted it here. Kevin Great post. have thoroughly enjoyed it....

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    Started by Tim Denial

  • Forum Changes

    I've received some messages about the changes on the forum, and like all of you, I am very confused to why it has changed so drastically. It...

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    Started by harmonyapril

  • Mountain Lion

    I am on my annual Wyoming deer hunt. I was lucky to get a respectable deer midweek. The rancher had seen some mtn lion tracks in the snow earlier...

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    Started by Steve Leffler

  • 2018 Trail Cam Pics

    Anyone have animal pictures from cameras set up now that they're willing to share ? I got this pic from camera set up 30 yds in the woods from my...

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    Started by Joe Vaudrey

  • One for the freezer

    Tracey and I don't get to hunt nearly as much as we used to.Weather was perfect for a stand, I had not been in yet so I got out Sunday morning and...

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    Started by David Balowski

  • Public land

    Hunted the last few days hard here in Pennsylvania. I'm hunting a piece of public land I live near and am hiking in 45 minutes. I always find it...

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    Started by Scot Santore

  • When doing the right thing goes bad...

    This past Saturday evening (11.10.18) in the stand was amazing. I was sitting in the same stand that I was in when I wrote my previous post with the...

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    Started by Shad

  • Shooting question

    For those of you folks who shoot three fingers under, where do you anchor? Any other techniques appreciated, too. I shoot apache, but my buddy,...

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    Started by Gene Hall

  • New Member

    Just wanted to introduce myself i'm a newer member. I have been shooting a longbow since the mid 90's and last year made my first trip to the...

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    Started by Scot Santore

  • Not since 1992

    This year brought on something unexpected. Back in early September, I went to Shooters Archery Pro Shop with my good friend, Joe Umphries. Our...

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    Started by Shad

  • Happy Veterans Day

    I am not sure how many PBS members we have that are Veterans, but I would like to say thank you for serving our country. God Bless.

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    Started by Matt Steed

  • Mid America Hunting Association?

    Has anyone ever heard of, used, or know anything about Mid America Hunting Association? From what little I know they operate kind of like a club in...

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    Started by Joe Lasch

  • Mississippi swamp doe.

    What a wonderful and blessed day. We finally got some cool weather here in Mississippi. My good friend Mark Livingston and I have been trying to make...

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    Started by Matt Steed

  • ILF Hunting Setups

    Does anyone hear shoot an ILF rig for hunting? If so how do you have it set up? I just picked up a used tradtech titian III with their 45#...

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    Started by jwzimmer

  • Africa

    For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to and dreamed of seeing Africa and hunting there, But between kids and job situation. it seemed...

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    Started by David Balowski

  • A First for Me

    I have been bow hunting for about 40 years now and had a first this past Saturday. I was hunting the edge of a clear cut that had a lot of deer...

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    Started by Randy Brookshier

  • Game stew recipe PLEASE

    I used Monty's game stew recipe several times and thought it was great. My cooking pot was almost to small and I thought it was very big. Ended up...

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    Started by Rick Wildermuth

  • Pics!!!

    Hooe everyone is enjoying the start of bow season, or is about to. Just a reminder, we would love to post pics of your adventures on our Facebook and...

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    Started by Ethan Rodrigue

  • The perfect shot!!!

    Yesterday I was shooting, been progressing slowly but progressing none the less. I shot about a dozen arrows and everything was feeling pretty...

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    Started by BigEd

  • A few videos from my last hunt

    I took Thursday and Friday off last week to go to my farm for an extended weekend of bowhunting. I saw a bazillion deer and had a fantastic time even...

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    Started by dhaverstick

  • VA Membership hunt in progress now

    FYI, the SW VA membership hunt for deer and bear is in progress this week, hosted by Randy Brookshire. Arrows are flying, some excellent meals are...

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    Started by Jeff Holchin

  • RIP Jim Chinn

    For those of you who have not heard Jim Chinn of Hamilton, MT passed away unexpected from a massive heart attack on Oct. 15, 2018. I hunted with Jim...

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    Started by Barry Wensel

  • Blake Fischer

    Is the Blake Fischer, Idaho game commissioner in the news for resigning after questionable killing practices on safari in Africa our Eclipse Blake...

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    Started by clark schneider

  • 2019 Davis Mountains Membership Hunt

    Go check out Membership Hunts for this unique opportunity. I will be hosting a hog hunt again this coming January in the rugged Davis Mountains of...

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    Started by BubbaGraves