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Welcome our new member
Welcome Ethan. 
Kalamazoo Trad Expo 2018
Great job guys.Everytime i went by you were talking with some one.  Hope you got a few new members signed up.
Banquet Donations, what’s everyone bringing?
Terry Receveur wrote:
That looks fantastic Mike! I have the artistic skills of a goat, but have been proclaimed to be the best "gator guide in New York" (albeit probably the only gator guide in New York). Thus, I will be offering a Florida Alligator Hunt for the auction.

Save your pennies, TJ was pretty interested last year! [smile]

Wish we could be there. We would have been bidding on this 
Banquet Donations, what’s everyone bringing?
Thinking this will be the youth bow we will be sending. Padauk riser with hickory accent stripe. 
PBS Banquet/Gathering attendance poll
Sadly we can't make it going to miss seeing everyone. 
Kalamazoo Trad Expo 2018
Matt you really need to get out the info for the help needed on the PBS Facebook page there is a lot people on there daily 
PBS Social Media
Rob Patuto wrote:

David, Instagram is easier than FB, dont be scared. lol  

Old dogs and new tricks or something like that, is what I am thinking 
PBS Social Media
Rob It is tough keeping up with all of this stuff. You are doing a great job on FB.  St Joe River will be joining the Instagram world soon we will be sure to follow the PBS 
2018 PBS Banquet Donations
Thanks for the shipping info. We are sadly not going to be able to make it now we have a date conflict. Tracey has a Youth bow in progress for a donation 
Kalamazoo Trad Expo 2018
Matt, Tracey and I can't help at the booth since we will be busy at ours all weekend , But you are more than welcome to ship the materials to us and we can deliver them.  
Kalamazoo Trad Expo 2018
Just looking at the current vendor list. I see PBS is not on it are we not having a booth? 

Hope you love the new place, 
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